Wedding Content Creation... If you haven't heard of soon will! Trust me, it's the future! It is one of the biggest, and rising, wedding trends in the USA!

I wish I'd had a wedding content creator. That is my biggest wedding regret, but in 2022 when we tied the knot in Vegas I didn't really know it existed. Then in March 2023 for our UK wedding, I just figured people would take loads of footage on their phones - WRONG!

That's why I'm now here ready to provide all those important moments and behind the scenes videos, photos and reels sent straight to you within 24 hours! Your wedding party can relax, guests can put their phones away, and you can switch off blissfully in the knowledge you'll have lots of lovely content to look through the next day!

Content creation gives you personalised storytelling of your wedding day, ready for social media and whatever else you want it for. I am not just a gal with an iPhone, I've got 15 years wedding experience (in photography, but also social media and the actual inner workings of weddings, and ...I've been a Bride (twice to the same Man!) in Vegas and the UK!) This gives me one hell of a CV when it comes to capturing and understanding weddings from both the perspective of someone getting married, someone who is waiting to receive wedding videos and photos, and as a front line wedding supplier. I know how important memories are, how important having imagery is straight after your big day, and how much those files are loved and watched over, and over, and over! Wedding content doesn't need to be a few dodgy photos and videos taken by semi-swizzled family and friends, not anymore!

I am NOT here to replace a photographer or videographer*... quite the opposite! I'm here to be your best pal on the day, support your photographer/videographer, carry things and be useful in any way I can! But, most importantly I promise to get you all the super fun, upbeat, gorgeous and instant mobile content you could ever wish for!

Just incase you're wondering, I love dogs, yes, please let me take photos of your dogs on your wedding day..!

*Note for photographers and videographers - I know the industry is divided on Content Creators, but as someone who shoots 40+ weddings a year, my vow to you is to not get in the way, to not step into a shot, and to not ruin your day, but add to it!

Pricing is nice and simple!

£300 for 4 hours

£400 for 6 hours

£500 for 8 hours +

Pricing includes travel to anywhere within 45 miles of SY1.

  • Content can cover any consecutive hours of your day including getting preparations, ceremony and the evening party!
  • Unlimited raw images and videos, whatever I take, I send!
  • Pre-wedding day consult, via phone or video chat!
  • 2 Edited TikToks/ Reels
  • Content will be delivered within 24 hours!

Deposit is £100, and I will send you a contract, invoice and questionnaire so we can get to know each other, and I can find out all about your wedding!

Go follow me on the old 'gram - @queenofweddingsbts and lets chat! xoxo