So, where are our photos?!

Had a great idea... why not have a link you lovely couples can click to see where your photos are in the editing process!

Helps to have a visual, helps me too! My brain is all over the place, so if this can help you understand the process more, brilliant. I know it would help me!

My process looks a little like this -

  • The night of your wedding/morning after - I back up all 100's of gbs of your photos, in two places, safety first, kids!
  • Within 24/48 hours of your big day I sit and check through all of your photos and edit around 30 images for you to use as an announcement of your marriage, on thank you cards or for social media! I like to add in photos which cover the entire day, all key moments and key people, but at least 5/10 of just the two of you, or you with your kids. I call these your 'sneak peeks!' I'd say this takes 3/4 hours!
  • Within the next week or so (depending on how busy I am at that time of year) I sit and cull your images, this means I go through all the photos, one by one, usually around 4000, and check each one. I delete the duplicates, and the ones you'll hate your face on, that are blurry, that aren't quite the standard I'd hope for, and collate a collection of images that tell a story of your day. This usually takes 4 hours or so.
  • During the next few weeks I do the big edit, I tweak all images, add my edit, my tones, and crop, smooth out blemishes etc. This can take anywhere from 6 hours to a few days, life dependant, and also varies from wedding to wedding. For example, if the weather was a challenge, rooms were super dark etc, this can be a loooooong process!
  • Final checks, tweaks, opening the files so they're bigger on the screen etc, and change all the filenames and put them in chronological order.
  • Uploads - takes days... my internet is awful, files are huge. The end.
  • I favourite about 200 images and create a video slideshow - again...takes awhile..
  • I upload all the final bits, check AGAIN, and finally... send over your galleries.

Kyle & Lauren- Slideshow

Hope this helps! .P.s... yes ... wedding photography is more than you think!